Chocolate Covered Dates with Rosemary

Luxurious organic dates covered in the finest Peruvian (Gran Nativo Blanco) dark chocolate,  and dusted with rosemary.  


Here we have paired together delicious flavour profiles, marrying natural ingredients to enhance the palate.  Woody notes from cineole, found in rosemary.  Caramel notes from the dates.  Finished with long lasting chocolatey cocoa notes from our ultra premium craft chocolate.


Grown up chocolate!


Gran Nativo Blanco translates into “Grand Native White”. It is a very special and elegant cacao with a high proportion of white beans. Hidden for more than a century, this gem from nature was rediscovered in 2008 on the small cacao fields by San Juan de Bigotes, in Piura, North of Peru.


Cacao origin:  Piura, North Coast Peru.


Flavour notes:  Dates.  Caramel.  Rosemary.  Long lasting cocoa finish.


Ingredients:  Organic Cocoa beans.  Organic cane sugar.  Organic Cacao butter.  Organic dates (Pitted, may contain stone).  Rosemary.


Allergens in BOLD


Soy free - Dairy free - Gluten free - Vegan friendly


Made with Love.


100g weight


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