Dark Date White (with/without Rosemary)

Dark Date White (with/without Rosemary)

We have a created a white chocolate, but not as we know it!!!


Low on the glycemic index, with intense malty flavours.

0% cane sugar.

Dairy free.

A small amount of cocoa beans added into the mix, gives this chocolate it's "dark" cocoa edge.



Rosemary adds depth.  Dates, Rosemary & cocoa marry extremeley well.  It's in the chemsitry!


Made using 


  • 40% minimum cold pressed organic cacao butter, sourced from the Amazonia basin in north east Peru.
  • Nutrient rich organic date sugar.  (GI 54)
  • Organic lucuma - A super fruit from South America with malt/maple flavours.  75% less sugar than table sugar.  Scoring 5 on the glycemic index.   
  • The finest organic coconut milk powder sourced from ethical farms in Sri Lanka, with a high 60% fat content.




Tasting notes:  Gentle notes of malt & cocoa. Savoury herbal finish.


Ingredients: Organic cacao butter. Organic coconut milk. Organic date sugar. Organic lucuma.  Cocoa beans.  (Rosemary optional)


Allergens in BOLD.


Soy free - Dairy free - Gluten free - Vegan friendly


52g weight