Organic Cocoa Husk Tea / Brewing Cocoa

Organic Cocoa Husk Tea / Brewing Cocoa

Available in four delectable flavours.


Original Cocoa





Why you should be drinking cocoa husk tea.

This healthy ancient subtle chocolate drink is an excellent way to start your morning or unwind at the end of a long day. Caffeine free & totally sustainable.


Our organic Peruvian cocoa husk tea is hand roasted by us and has a delicious chocolate flavour and a natural sweetness. Cocoa tea is also gluten and dairy free.


Comes presented in a handy reusable tea tin, for freshness.  Approximately 7 servings per tin.


How to brew cocoa husk tea.

Simply place 3 heaped Teaspoons of cocoa husk tea per 250ml of boiling water, into a cafetiere / tea steeper. Leave to infuse for 6 - 8 minutes and your good to go.


We recommend using filtered or spring water to extract a more delicious cup of tea. 

Although perfect on it's own, sugar and/or milk can be added to taste.


Serve as a show-stopping garden party cocktail or luxury iced tea.




Original Cocoa: 100% organic loose leaf cocoa husk.


Rose: Oragnic loose leaf cocoa husk, wild british foraged rose petals.


Orange: Organic loose leaf cocoa husk, orange zest.


Fennel: Organic loose leaf cocoa husk, Fennel seeds.


Weight:  105g

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