100% Cocoa - Gran Yapatera Blanco - Peru

100% Cocoa - Gran Yapatera Blanco - Peru

This rare & intense bar of 100% cocoa has been stone ground for 6 days, and aged for a further 10 months to develop a complex flavour profile.


Gran Yapatera Blanco is a blend of Cacao beans from the Amazon & Piura regions, two winners of the Peruvian gold Cacao award to create an ultra - premium organic Cacao.


Cocoa trees grow wild & naturally in the Amazon basin, which often attribute as the birthplace of cocoa, from where we carefully source & select the best origin carefully.


Piura is recognised as the region with the best Peruvian white Cacaos, like our Platanal Bajo.


Cultivar: Cacao Tales. Origin: Peruvian Amazon & Piura regions.

Varietal: Peruvian Maranon National & Native.


Flavour notes: Sweet acidity like citrus & mango. Intense long lasting cocoa notes.


Ingredients: Organic Cocoa beans. 


Allergens in BOLD.


Soy free - Dairy free - Gluten free - Vegan friendly


52g/26g weight

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