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Organic Cacao Beans - Unroasted - Ceremonial Grade

Organic Cacao Beans - Unroasted - Ceremonial Grade

Our ultra premium cacao beans are directly sourced by us from Northern Peru.  All are certified organic and used in making our award winning chocolate.


Whole & unroasted native cacao.  Ceremonial Grade.  100% Natural.


Direct Trade (Better than Fair Trade).


Please find below some of the varietals we have available throughout the year.




Gran Nativo Blanco (Organic)


Gran Nativo Blanco translates into “Grand Native White”.


It is a very special and elegant cacao with a high proportion of white beans - Hidden for more than a century, this gem from nature was rediscovered in 2008 on the small cacao fields by San Juan de Bigotes, in Piura, North of Peru. 


With the support of Cooperative Norandino the smallholder’s cacao farmers of the region identified the best cacao trees and reintroduced this ancient cacao varietal.  Today Gran Nativo Blanco is the most awarded cacao from Peru and is recognized for its delicate flavours, aromas and fragrances.


Gran Chililique (Organic)


Ultra-premium cacao, winner of the 2013 Peruvian Gold Cacao Award.


This cacao grows on the hills around Chililique, and benefits from very favorable climate conditions.  The cacao growers are smallholders that live and cultivate cacao around this community, located in the District of Chulucanas, Piura, North of Peru.


Fifty percent of the members of this small cooperative are women that with hard work and dedication produce one of the most flavourful cacao beans of Peru.  Cacaotales is working directly with these producers promoting these wonderful cacao beans and supporting gender equality.


Gran Yapatera Blanco (Organic)


An exclusive Blend of cacao beans from The Amazon and Piura Regions, two winners of the Peruvian Gold Cacao Award to create an Ultra-Premium Organic Cacao.


Cocoa trees grow wild and naturally in the Amazon basin which often attribute as the birthplace of cocoa, from where we source the best Origen carefully selected, and Piura is recognise as the Region with the Best Peruvian white Cacaos, like our Platanal Bajo.




We at Seed Chocolate envision a future in which, chocolate makers and chocolate lovers, adequately acknowledge and reward, the hard work of smallholder cacao farmers that produce sustainable, ethically and directly traded cacao.


100% natural.  Nothing added.  Nothing taken away.


Wholesale / Bulk Available On Request


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