Land & Sea - Dark Chocolate - Peru

We have dehydrated amazing foraged ingredients from the British Isles.  Cuckoo flowers, scurvy flowers and delicious pepper dulce seaweed bring the purest flavours to create our first "land & sea" chocolate bar.  Pure indulgence!


Grown up chocolate!


Gran Nativo Blanco translates into “Grand Native White”. It is a very special and elegant cacao with a high proportion of white beans.


Hidden for more than a century, this gem from nature was rediscovered in 2008 on the small cacao fields by San Juan de Bigotes, in Piura, North of Peru.


Cultivar:  Cacao Tales.

Origin:  Piura, North Coast Peru. 

Varietal:  Native white.

Flavour notes:  Salty. Meadow. Bitter wasabi pepper. Malt. Long lasting cocoa notes.


Ingredients:  Organic Cocoa beans.  Organic unrefined cane sugar.  Organic cocoa butter.  Seaweed.  Edible flowers.


Allergens in BOLD.


Soy free - Dairy free - Gluten free - Vegan friendly - Nut free micro factory


52g weight


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