Silk / Beta 5 Crystals - Organic Cocoa Butter - Peru

Silk / Beta 5 Crystals - Organic Cocoa Butter - Peru

Cocoa silk is the new easy solution to tempering chocolate.


We decided to create our very own silk here at Seed Chocolate, to helps speed up production for the home chocolate enthusiast & small/micro chocolate businesses.


By incubating organic cold pressed cacao butter, we stabalise the beta 5 crystals, giving you great results when tempering chocolate compared to the traditional method.


How to temper chocolate using silk.

- Melt the chocolate to 40-45°C

- Leave the chocolate to cool to 34.4°C

- Add 1% cocoa butter silk (10g per 1 kg of chocolate)

- Mix well and cool to 33.3°C

- Chocolate is ready to work with

- Keep chocolate at a workable temperature of 31/32°C


Ingredients:  100% Organic undeodorised cold pressed cacao butter.


Also great for frying. From meat to vegetables as a healthy alternative to oils.


Perfect for chocolate fondues & fountains.


Soy free - Gluten free - Vegan friendly - Allergen friendly


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